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At Trucklane we believe and maintain that your needs are our needs and so we take that commitment very seriously.By saying that we strive to live up to our promise and make sure our actions and service collates with our word' as well as continually look for new and improved ways to maintain that vision.We proudly offer the following services to all our clients as well as prospective clients.


A dynamic website always popping up in "google search" matching your search requirements by utilising the largest amount  "key words."

You as our customer will have 24 hour access to the site and a vast amount of dealers such as Mercedes Benz, Daihatsu, Tata, UD Trucks and aftermarket suppliers in the motor, plant machinery and commercial vehicles sector.All spares and accessories out there and in the market today. This all at the click of a button and in the convenience of your home, empowering you with optimum information you require to assist you in making the correct purchasing decision.

Our active advertisers will have a unique tool called "Trucklane Ad Track", which allows you the freedom to add or remove vehicles from your advertisement whenever needed or edit prices, add on specials short making you the advertising guru of your business.Another one of our functions will allow you to pull a report and track exactly how many times your advert was viewed, how many specific enquiries you received and how many browsers clicked from our site to yours.

We strive and make it our duty to bridge serious buyers with their nearest dealership or supplier,by doing so we hope to ensure customer satisfaction from both our browsing clients as well as our advertising partners.

Nationwide advertising exposure to all our advertising partners. List all your trucks for sale such as Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, Hyundai and more.

Finally, creating a site where all motor and commercial motoring needs are met along with all accesories,plant and construction equipment and spares, all under one umbrella and available to you at the click of a button.

So, sit back, browse, and find whatever you are looking for at your leisure. 

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