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Truck advertising with Trucklane is an online advertising platform for Commercial Dealers in Trucks, Trailers, Plant and Equipment and Spares.

Advertising trucks online with quality, targeted truck listings

Our aim is to provide the best truck advertising site for our dealers by optimising thousands of related keywords and constantly submitting them to all search engines worldwide, and in so doing driving potential Buyers to our website thereby helping You, Our Client, to Sell your stock efficiently and with the greatest of ease.

We promote Trucklane on all major search engines giving exposure to all our adverts and featured listings. We increase our traffic levels month to month to get your website to the buyers looking for trucks and trailers for sale.
Trucklane truck advertising offers not only advertising trucks and trailers page by page but also offer banners to promote your company, as well as featured trailer and truck listings on all pages within our website.
As a dealer you will get:
1. Small fee to setup and get access
2. Up to 100 advertisements.
3. Dealer Edit.
4. Link to Your Website. (if you have one)
5. Showroom Specific Enquiries.
6. General leads.
We differ from the offer truck advertising companies as we will actively drive potential buyers to your Dealership assisting you in closing more deals and increasing your bottom line profit.
We are not the biggest online trucks advertising platform in the country, but we will continuously strive to do what we do best (Help you sell your Stock on Our website), by building honest relationships with all our clients and doing so with Our Clients needs always being met (Customer Service) and Integrity.
Additional Options:
1. Featured Listings: up to 5 listings.
2. Banner advertisements: Select your area onsite per banner advertisements.
We hope to build a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship with all our clients.
If you should have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us at any time.
Glenn: 078217 5810
Office: +27 0118180098
Fax: +27 0118180098

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