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Models ranging from:Freight Carriers,5 ton - 8.140FL,8 Ton 15-180FL,8ton 16.240FL and 14 Ton 28.330FL to Tippers FAW 8.140 with a 3m3 capacity to the FAW 35.340FD,Truck Tractors like15.180FT with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 24 000 kg or the J6cm of 75 000kg or a Mixer 6x4 6m3 33.330FC or the 8x4 8m3 35.340FC
In 1992, the name First Automobile Works was changed to China FAW Group Corporation. 
Vehicle Models Currently available in the South African Market are:
7.130 FL F/C D/S; 9.130 FL LOCAL DOUBLE F/C D/S; CA9.140F/C C/C; CA9.140 FL LOCAL F/C D/S; CA11.140 FL F/C C/C; 11.140 FLS 6TON F/C C/C; 12.160D F/C C/C; 13.160 F/L C/C; 13.160FLS F/C C/C; 13.160FD TIP C/C; 15.180 FD TIP C/C; 15.180 FLS 7 TON F/C C/C; 22.210FD TIP C/C; 26.240FD TIP C/C; 28.280 FD TIP C/C;28.280FL LWB F/C C/C;33.330FC MIX C/C
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