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     First Automobile Works or FAW is a Chinese Brand that has grown from strength to strength and continues to do so. Through its partnership with VW and other Brands FAW has become a leading Brand in the International Medium and Heavy Commercial Sectors. Find the FAW that you are looking for by continuously searching through our pages here at Trucklane.

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FAW - one of the largest Chinese automakers

The "Big Four" Chinese automakers includes FAW. with SAIS Motor,Chang`an Motors,Dongfeng Motor,.They ranked 3rd in terms of output making 2.3 million whole vehicles.64% of production was made up of cars.
1953 was the first year of the first five-year plan, and the first factory was built,but they did not  produce any vehicles the  first vehicle, the 4-ton Jie Fang CA-10 truck (based on the Russian ZIS-50) was produced 1956. Russia lent helped during these early years, giving technical support, tooling, and production machinery .39 Chinese FAW employees traveled to the Stalin Truck Factory for instruction in truck production before the first factory was opened.
First Automobile Works  made only commercial trucks, but started producing passenger cars in 1958 The designHas not changed very much over the last thirty years. 
In 1992, the name First Automobile Works was changed to China FAW Group Corporation. 

Vehicle Models Currently available in the South African Market are:
7.130 FL F/C D/S; 9.130 FL LOCAL DOUBLE F/C D/S; CA9.140F/C C/C; CA9.140 FL LOCAL F/C D/S; CA11.140 FL F/C C/C; 11.140 FLS 6TON F/C C/C; 12.160D F/C C/C; 13.160 F/L C/C; 13.160FLS F/C C/C; 13.160FD TIP C/C; 15.180 FD TIP C/C; 15.180 FLS 7 TON F/C C/C; 22.210FD TIP C/C; 26.240FD TIP C/C; 28.280 FD TIP C/C;28.280FL LWB F/C C/C;33.330FC MIX C/C
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