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     The fastest growing Brand worldwide. Hino is a proud and reliable Brand with a huge dealer Network across the country. Medium and Heavy Commercial products are plentiful amongst our pages.

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Diesel trucks produced by Hino

Hino trucks is a derivitave of Toyota and they manufacture diesel Trucks, Buses and other vehicles.  Today Hino trucks used and new are available internationally, however a major advantage for the South African transporters and exporters is due to the fact that Hino used trucks are readily available nationwide  as well; (though their stock availability is limited for sale) it still means Hino used trucks can still be servied or assisted on breakdowns when over the borders.  

Thus majority of the neighbouring African countries still buy from S.A. but can maintain and utilize their trucks in their country too.  Hino trucks as well as the Hino buses used intensely over the borders due to the limited number of Manufacturers in neighbouring countries but also due to the trusted and esteemed Toyota brand affiliation. 

We offer our advertising dealerships, private sellar S.A. platform for their Hino trucks for sale so as to generate further business as well as provide the consumer with a user friendly tool where we bring the entire commercial market to you at the convenience of your home, eliminating the frustating, time absorbing and expensive costs incurred just to find the right vehicle for you.

Hino trucks for sale by Owner / Dealer of Private sellar are all listed on our site and with all relevant pics and contact information as well as full model description to ascertain whether a flatbed, dropside or tipper body on vehicle if used as well as New vehicle offers.

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