JMC mid - high end commercial trucks

     The top selling bakkie in China. JMC is slowly making a footprint right here on our shores. Search, Click and find that JMC that will suit you.

JMC - mid-and high-end commercial vehicles and dual passenger/cargo vehicles .

You can find six diffent makes in the bakkie range,single and double cab and 4x2 and 4x4 versions. in light truck you will find  JMC Carrying Box Vans in different configurations. The companies aim is to get into the diesel bakkie market and to dip their feet as to say in the light truck segment. They are planning an exciting range of new models for the future.

For five years running  jmc has been in China’s Top 100 Listed Companies.and top seller with their bakkie range .

Products Include:
Boarding 2.8 TD Lux S/C P/U
Boarding 2.8 TD Lux D/C P/U
Boarding 2.8 TD Lux 4x4 D/C P/U
Carrying 2.8 TDI SWB D/S C/C
Carrying 2.8 TDI Lux SWB D/S C/C
Carrying 2.8 LWB D/S C/C
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