We at Trucklane have tried to include all manufacturers, should we have missed one of your favourites, please feel free to let us know.!!!


Vehicle listing

We list equipment and vehicles from all manufacturers

Trucklane has gone to great lenghths to include all manufactures of light medium and heavy commercial vehicles, new used or pre owned. plant and earth moving equipment and trailers, you will find the likes of; Afrit,Henred,bell,jcb,case,terex,volvo,hitahi,bobcat,komatsu,catterpillar,go now,top trailers,vw nissan fiat mercedes toyota diahatsu and many more.We Hope that you find our selection of manufactures adequate,and will continually strive to include every manufacturer and new products as they are launched.


(vehicle manufacturer) the automotive industry is a term that covers a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design development,manufacture,marketing and selling of motor vehicles,towed vehicles,motorcycles,and mopeds.

A truck or lorry is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo.Trucks vary greatly in size power and configuratiion with the smallest being mechanically similar to an automobile.