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Plant and equipment are vital to our society ,construction of roads, buildings and hospitals and many more we here at trucklane hope to cover all aspects of plant and equipment


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We at Trucklane feel that plant and equipment  are as important as any other category on our site and herby endeavour to include as many and as up to date categories ,from as many manufactures .Should you be building a pool,be a large company that wants to buy or sell equipment, our aim is to meet that need right here on theses pages.
Heavy equipmen refers to heavy duty specifically designed for executing construction tasks,most frequently involving earthwork operations.They are also known as heavy machines,heavy trucks,construction equipment engineering equipment,heavy vehicles  or heavy hydraulics.They usually comprise five equipment systems implement,traction,structure,power,train,control and information.Heavy equipment functions through the mechanical advantage of a simple machine,the ratio between input force applied and force exerted is multiplied.Currently most equipment use hydraulic drives as primary source of motion.

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