Heavy duty trucks and buses by Scania

     Scannia has a tradition of understanding transporters needs, getting the goods to their destination on time.With a large range of heavy duty commercials and busses you can pick the Scannia that suits your needs.

Vehicle listing

Scania’s has a long tradition of delivering exactly what your business needs.

Scania offers a wide choice of vehicles.

Scania buses and coaches are known for their outstanding operating economy. Scania set world-class standards for fuel economy, driveability; road handling and reliability .Every model can be customised.
Models available on South African roads and can be viewed in our pages being advertised by our dealers for truck sales.
P114GA 4X2 NZ T/T C/C
P114GA 6X4NZ T/T C/C
P380 LA6X4 MHZ T/T C/C
G420 LA6X4 MHZ T/T C/C
R460 LA 6X4 MSZ T/T C/C
R470 LA 6X4 MSZ T/T C/C
R500 LA6X4 MHZ T/T C/C
R124GA 6X4NZ T/T C/C
R124GA 6X4NZ (470HP) T/T C/C
R164GA 6X4NZ 480HP T/T C/C