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Trailers are a vital part of all distribution channels within South Africa. We understand the importance of reliable transport solutions for distributors. Surf through our pages and find the trailer that will fullfill your needs.


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Aluminium Trailers
Aluminium trailers are exactly as they said, trailers made from Aluminium. These aluminium trailers, although not the cheapest of our trailers are incredibly common and highly sought after due to their durability and light weight, meaning you can pull these trailers without any problems whatsoever! To find an Aluminium Trailer that is perfect for you, why not get in touch today and discuss your needs in more detail.
Trailer Axles
Trailer Axles are incredibly an important part of any trailer or truck, these axles allow for the trailer wheels to maintain their position along with much much more! No matter what kind of trailer axle you are looking for, you can rest assured that we will have it, we always make sure that our customers are happy with the service and products that they receive! From used trailer axles to new one’s we can match all your needs!
Car Trailers 
If you are looking to transport goods that may not fit into your car then car trailers are perfect for you! These unpowered vehicles are incredibly popular all over the world, with the ability to be able to transport just about anything, from light and heavy materials to recreational vehicles and even small caravans, you cannot go wrong with a car trailer!
Dump Trailer 
A dump trailer allows for the deposition of materials, whether for construction, agricultural purposes or anything else that you could think of, these vehicles are ideal! With an open boxed flatbed approach you can move and deposit materials and goods just about anywhere! No matter what your need is for a dump trailer or what brand you need, we here at Truck Lane can provide just what you need!
Flatbed Trailers 
A flatbed trailer is an ideal solution for those who wish to transport goods that aren’t affected by weather conditions. Flatbeds are incredibly firm, strong and robust, enabling them to transport just about anything without problems! With a wide range of brands and sizes available for you to choose from, Trucklane are here to provide just what you need!
Horse Trailers 
Horse Trailers are exactly what they say on the tin, trailers that allow the transportation of horses, without problems! At Trucklane we have a very wide range of horse trailers available for purchase and at some of the best prices too! From units that can hold a single horse too one’s that can hold a few horses, we can help to meet all your needs! 
Motorbike Trailers 
If you’re looking to transport goods using a motorbike or would like to tow a motorbike using a car or another vehicle, motorbike trailers are the ideal solution to your problems. Whether you are looking for an open or enclosed trailer, we have you covered here at Truck Lane! From new motorbike trailers to used motorbike trailers,, we have just about everything and at the best prices too!
Box Trailers 
If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with the highest quality box trailers within the industry then you’re in the right place here at Truck Lane, we provide trailers from some of the biggest and best brands out there! With the advantages that you gain from purchasing a new or used box trailer you cannot go wrong!
Cargo Trailers 
When a cargo trailer is attached to a moving vehicle you gain the ability to be able to transport large goods without any problems, in fact you are even able to transport living animals! As these kinds of trailers are flatbed you gain the ability to be able to transport goods of any shape or size! Alongside livestock, you are also able to transport goods such as boats, furniture, freight vehicles and much more!
Enclosed Trailers 
These brand new enclosed trailers can be referred to in many different ways, however, generally they a non-powered vehicle which is towed by a car, with the trailer being enclosed so that you are able to protect the contents within from weather and theft! Although these enclosed trailers can transport goods with ease, they can also be used for a wide range of other purposes.
Gooseneck Trailers 
Gooseneck trailers enable you to transport a large range of goods that other normal trailers would not be able to transport, such as hay, livestock and much more! With the pivoting arm and flatbed that this vehicle offers, you can virtually transport just about any good! Either way, whatever you are wanting to transport, make sure you get in touch with us first so that we can provide you with the right used or new gooseneck trailer that is going to solve all of your problems!
Livestock Trailers 
When it comes to the transportation of livestock, these kinds of trailers are perfect! From large loads of animals to a smaller amount, we can cater for both, with one and two level trailers available! Whatever it is your looking for you can rest assured knowing that we will have it and at the best prices too, get in touch today to learn more about our new and used Livestock Trailers.
Semi Trailers
Semi-trailers, perhaps the most common type of trailer out there is incredibly useful for just about anyone out there and is more than capable of transporting goods from one point to another. There are many different types out there from many different manufacturers, so if you are looking for a semi-trailer, you are more than likely to find just what you need!
Tent Trailers 
Tent Trailers, which also go by the name popup campers are a much cheaper alternative to an RV and can even by collapsed after use! One great thing about these tent trailers is the fact that some of them even come with power unites, water tanks, bunk beds and much more. Tent Trailers allow for you to go out and enjoy the great outdoors without any worries! Get in touch with our team of experts today to find the perfect new or used tent trailer!