motorbike trailers

Motorcycle trailers serve one of two purposes. They can be used to transport motorcycles by tow of a car or other vehicle, or they can be attached to the motorcycle to carry additional gear.

Trailer sales for motorbikes, motorcycles and quads

There are many types of motorbike trailers,motorcycle trailer for sale which include both open and enclosed trailers, the choice of bike trailer,motorcycle traileror quad trailers you select depends on your particular need for the trailer.

Bike and quad trailers differ from other types of trailers due to the way in which they are constructed. Motorbike and motorcycle trailers house tracks and tiedown points to prevent the wheel from sliding and to ensure that the bikes remain upright and do not tip in transit.

Some motorcycle trailers may also house or have attachable fittings such as ramps for extra assistance with the loading and unloading aspect of the trailer use.

Enclosed trailers main difference to open trailers are that they create extra protection both from weather conditions and by keeping your bike or gear secure from view; which is ideal if having to temporarily store away. The other big difference is that an enclosed motorcycle trailer tends to be a lot heavier than an open trailer and thus creates more wind resistance which can lead to a decrease in the mileage output of the carrying vehicle.

Folding or collapsible trailers for motorbikes are available which are more practical in terms of storage capacity such as being able to store in the boot of a car when the trailer is not required to be used.

You will find an assortment of motorcycle trailers for sale, bike trailers for sale and quad trailers for sale on our website direct by the owners. Browse the trailer you desire and contact the owner or vendor to arrange a viewing and purchase price for your desired trailer listing