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Semi- Trailers are an important part of the transporters fleet. Semi Trailers carry a large amount of goods from point a to point b. There are various types of Semi-Trailers available for sale here at Trucklane.


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A Semi-trailer definition is basically that a Semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle.  Semi-trailers combined with a tractor, truck of any other detachable front axle assembly commonly known as a "dolly" which supports a large portion of the weight.  Semi-trailers are normally equipped with landing gear in the form of legs you can lower.  A road tractor coupled to a semi-trailer is called a "semi-trailer truck" of "semi"in the US and an "articulated lorry" otherwise also labelled an "arctic" if for sale in the UK.   Also one can find Semi trailer sales anywhere for sale or else you also have the option for rent or for lease as there are a lot of companies with used semi-trailers which they rent/lease out.   One can find used-semi-trailers at auctions in addition to the majority of semi-trailer sales/used semi-trailers specific dealers.  Semi-trailers for sale today has rapidly expanded in conjunction with SA's expanding imports and exports industry amongst other industries.   Semi trailers for sale in South Africa by manufacturers such as Hendred and Afrit to mention but a few, but other places like at auctions or for sale by owner plus by the private dealer network nationwide.   There are also various types of semi trailer for sale out there in the market like for example the low-bed, tandem axle, tri-axle, etc. used for loading items or large items like containers, construction machinery and even cars.   When you are looking for a semi trailer for sale the advantages it has over the fixed trailer is one its flexibility and also the fact that shunted and stowed between depots.   And if there is an issue with the truck or tractor mechanically, it can be replaced without disturbing the cargo.   At Trucklane we have a large variety of new and used semi trailers for sale advertised as well as previous owners with their pre-loved used semi-trailers for sale giving you infinite options available all whilst in the comfort of your own home.