tent trailers

Tent trailers, also known as popup campers, are a cheaper alternative to RVs. Firstly used within the 1930s and 40s it is a recreational trailer which is towed by a vehicle and can be collapsed and expanded with ease. Once erected the trailer forms a tent shaped structure which can be used to provide shelter or rest space if travelling long journeys; much like an RV would do. These tent trailers are very popular due to them being more economically affordable and easier to transport due to how they collapse when compared to a regular RV.

Tent trailer sales and popup camper listings

Tent trailers for sale consist typically of a trailer frame, box, hard roof, pull-out bunks and soft walls.
Some tent trailers may house additional features such as a standalone power unit, water tank, dinette (folding dining area), sleeping bunks and more (dependant on each particular trailer).
We advertise tent trailers for sale on our site, using the search function you can find the trailer you desire and contact the advertiser direct for further information.