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Without trucks on our roads in South Africa , how would we get our goods across the vast planes of Africa?


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Reliable new and used trucks for sale can be found to purchase in our pages advertised by our advertising partners. What ever it is that you need from Trucklane; we are your one stop vehicle shop.

4x4 Trucks
4X4 Trucks are the ideal truck for anyone who is looking to go off-road and really discover the nature around them. With plenty of these type of trucks to choose from, supplied to us from a wide range of manufacturers, you cannot go wrong when purchasing one of our trucks for sale.

Commercial Trucks
Commercial Trucks are perfect for those who wish to transports a large amount of goods from one place to another, more likely to be somewhere far away. With a large amount of these trucks already on the road, you can expect a high quality vehicle that is going to impress!

Dump Trucks
When it comes to the transportation of loose goods whether for construction or otherwise, Dump Trucks are the ideal vehicle for you to purchase. The Open Box bed on a hinge allows you to deposit materials using hydraulic pistons. Whether you are looking to purchase a used Dump Truck for sale or a New Dump Truck for sale, we have you covered

Freightliner Trucks
Freightliner trucks are heavy duty trucks that allow you to transport heavy duty goods all over the world! When it comes to freightliners we provide a massive stock of them, all from some of the biggest names in the industry!

Semi Trucks
A Semi Truck, otherwise known as a big rig, 18 wheeler, prime mover and a range of other names are capable of carrying freights around. With so many already out there on the road, being manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry, you cannot go wrong when purchasing one.

Tow Trucks
A tow truck allows you to tow another vehicle, whether for recovery reasons or illegal reasons, tow trucks are ideal when it comes to transporting vehicles that are either not road worthy or have been caught parking illegally.

Box Trucks
A Box truck, which also goes by many other names such as a cube truck, a cube van or even a straight truck, allow you to transport smaller goods around using a garage like door to secure the items within the truck. These Box Trucks can be provided to you from a large range of manufacturers, so you can always expect quality when purchasing a Used Box truck or New Box Truck for sale.

Diesel Trucks
Over the years, Diesel trucks have become incredibly common within businesses needing trucks, simply down to their economical saving on fuel, especially when they are compared to large petrol trucks! These Diesel Trucks for sale, whether used or new, are the perfect buy for those who are looking to save money!

Flatbed Trucks
Flatbed Trucks are as the name suggest, entirely flat, allowing you to unload heavy goods incredibly fast! These kinds of trucks are ideal for loads that require more space than a closed bodied truck could provide. So whether you are searching for a second hand Flatbed truck for sale or a new vehicle, we can provide just what you need!

Refrigerated Trucks
A Refrigerated truck allows you to carry food goods such as fruit e.t.c. The kind of trucks can make this possible due to the insulation and ventilation that are fitted on the trucks! Alongside this these kinds of trucks can be ice-cooled in order to store food for longer, trucks like this are ideal for grocery stores such as Pick and Pay, Checkers, Shoprite and others!

Tipper Trucks
A Tipper Truck which can also be known as a Dump Truck is able to transport large amounts of loose material, a truck which is ideal for the construction industry. These Tipper trucks are an open boxed vehicle which allow for materials to be deposited at work sites via a hydraulic piston which lifts up the front of the boxed bed.  

Trailer Trucks
Trailers are a massive part of both the truck and trailer industry, as a truck needs to pull a trailer and here at Truck Lane we provide high quality trailers for your trucks! From used truck trailers for sale to new truck trailers for sale, we have everything you could ever need here at Truck Lane and with each Truck Trailer being provided from some of the biggest names in the vehicle industry, you can expect nothing but the best!