dump truck

a dump truck transports loose materials on an open box bed and allows the driver to off load by tipping the body of the vehicle

Used dumper truck and dump truck sales

A dump truck, transports loose material like sand,gravel, or dirt.They have an open-box bed, hinged at the back with hydraulic pistons to lift the front,so the material in the back can be  dumped on the ground behind the truck.The on road version is a tipper, tipper truck  or tip truck.

Dump truck sales  operate by hydraulics and they have many different configurations. a standard dump truck has one front steering axle, and one or two rear axles with dual wheels on each side. Most  rear axles unpowered vehicles can be raised off the pavement, to assist in wear and tear.This is called lift axles or drop axles. Lift axles are either steerable or non-steerable; steerable lift axles are always a single wheels on each side, instead of two.

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