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Better Together - Designed to enhance overall vehicle performance, Freightliner Trucks offers an integrated engine line including advanced, fuel-efficient engines from Detroit and Cummins, with horsepower ratings up to 600 and torque up to 2050 lb-ft. Both Detroit with BlueTec® SCR Emissions Technology and Cummins SCR engines meet or exceed EPA 2010 emissions requirements so they burn cleaner and actually improve fuel efficiency both on the jobsite and on the highway.

Freightliner used trucks listed for sale

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A reliable commercial truck helped transform businesses and catapulted Freightliner to an unparalleled position in the transportation industry. Different models include:
Argosy 90 Detroit 440 T/T C/C,Argosy 90 Caterpillar 440 T/T C/C,Argosy DDC 12.7 (Detroit 470) T/T C/C,Argosy 090,Cummins 500 T/T C/C,Argosy 90 Cummins 500 T/T C/C,Argosy 90 Cummins 500 T/T C/C,Argosy Cummins 530 T/T C/C 395kw,Argosy 090 Detroit 370 T/T C/C,Argosy 090 Detroit 500 T/T C/C,Argosy DDC 14.0 (Detroit 500) T/T C/C
Argosy 90 Detroit 530 T/T C/C
Argosy Cat 455 T/T C/C
Argosy 090 Cat 500 T/T C/C
Argosy 90 Caterpillar 515 T/T C/C