semi truck

A Semi-truck has a massive role in day to day international and domestic transport supporting the mass amount of cargo shipments nowadays.

Semi truck sales - big rig, 19-wheeler, prime mover

These semi trucks are large vehicles which consist of a towing engine,  semi trucks are often attached to at least one semi trailer, this enables to transportation of freight. Semi trucks go by many names around the world, such as "truck", "prime mover", a "semi", !tractor-trailer", "big rig", or a "18-wheeler". Trucklane used truck sales specialise in semi truck sales and can provide you with many semi trucks for sale or semi truck for sale

A semi truck is a large vehicle that consists of a towing engine ,known as a tractor or truck attached to one or more semi trailers to carry freight.a semi does not trail completely behind the towing vehicle but is attached at a point that is just forward of the rear most axle of the towing unit.This is so that a large proportion of the weight of the trailer is carried by the prime mover.This means that both tractor and semi trailer will have a distinctively different design to that of a rigid truck and trailer.