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A tipper trailer is used to move bulk materials such as sand, gravel, tarmac etc. To unload, the bed of the trailer raises either at one end or one side to put the bed on a slope.

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The end or side board is released and the load slides out onto the ground or into an entrance for a processing plant. Tipper trailers for sale or tipping trailers for sale. Tipper trucks for sale or a tipper truck for sale. Even a large variety of used tipper trucks for sale by our Dealer network who advertise within these pages. All are available (just click and browse until you have found what you are looking for with Trucklane new and used truck sales). A truck having a rear platform which can be raised at its front end ,thus enabling a load to be dischrged.The dump truck is thought to have been first conceived in the farms of the late 19th century Western Europe.As early as the 1950,the first motorized dumping vehicles were developed.The first motorized dumping vehicles were developed by small equipment companies such as Galion Buggy Co and lauth-juergens among many others around 1910 .
Such companies flourished during world war 1 due to massive wartime demand.companies like galion buggy co continue to grow after the war by manufacturing a numer of express bodies and some smaller dump bodies that could easily be installed on either stock or converted (heavy duty suspension and drive train )model T chassis prior to 1920. Galion now galion godwin truck body co is the oldest known truck body manufacturer still in operation today.