tow truck

A Tow truck, also known a recovery truck and many more names around the world, is a large vehicle which is used to transport disabled and broken cars from one location to another, generally to a repair garage. Towing services are well known to be carried out by emergency road service companies, such as AA for example.

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The tow truck was first invented in 1916 by a man known as Ernest Holmes, Ernest was a garage worker who was inspired to this invention after pulling a car out of a creek using blocks, ropes and six other men.

When it comes to towing equipment, there are many different types which can be used, totally depending on the type or size of the vehicle which is in use, these can be seen below:

Boom - This isn't a specific type, it is a piece of equipment which is used on many different types of tow trucks. Boom winches allow for tow trucks to easily recover vehicles

Hook and Chain - This type of equipment consists of a chain which is looped around a vehicles frame or axle, The Hook and Chain is generally used when a car has been involved in an accident.

Wheel Lift- The Wheel Lift has evolved from the hook and chain technology, producing a large metal yoke which is easily fitted underneath a vehicles front or rear wheels, this then cradles the vehicles. The wheel lift uses a pneumatic or hydraulic hoist in order to tow the vehicle.

Flatbed - With the flatbed equipment the entire back of a truck is fitted with a bed, this enables the truck to hydraulically incline and move to ground level, this then allows the vehicle to be placed on the towing trailers surface using either its own power or a winch.

Integrated - Integrated equipment is the combination of the Boom and wheel-lift in one. This integrated equipment is often used on light duty trucks which reposes or move illegally parked vehicles. The truck will often have controls fitted inside the cab of the two truck, this makes pickups as quick as possible.

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